Matthew Filar Fine Art Photography
Matthew Filar Fine Art Photography

Matthew Filar

2087 Scott Court
Arcata, CA 95521-5460

After spending over 30 years as an artist trapped in the body of an engineer, in late 2002 I decided, with the help and support of my wife, Tami, to pursue some type of a career as my true chosen love, photography.

The photographs you see here were, for the most part, taken within the past four years, although a few older ones still find their way in occasionally. While I have had little formal education in photography, I have read voraciously on the subject, have worked with, and discussed the art with, many other artists, and my experience of nearly 30 years includes thousands of rolls of film.

My photographic subject matter is primarily nature/scenic, yet I will photograph anything that I find interesting. My primary camera is a medium format Hasselblad, yet I also lately find myself using the digital format, and I still use 35mm on occasion. I strive for sharpness of detail and very fine grain, a process which requires slow, expensive films, chemicals, and the use of a tripod, in my attempt to achieve a fine artistic quality in my photographs.

I develop my own black and white film, and currently print all my work. My current process is to scan my negatives or transparencies at the highest possible resolution, edit them minimally using Photoshop, and then print them with an Epson 2200, a fantastic new inkjet printer that uses archival inks. I mat, mount and frame my work with all acid free materials.

Memberships: I am a member of the Humboldt Arts Council, The Sierra Club, The North American Nature Photography Association (NANPA), Redwood Empire Mensa, and The Rotary Club of Arcata.

Should you have any questions about my photographs or cards, including enlargements or reduced size prints, please feel free to ask.

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